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Bestselling Combo of 5 Poetry Books about Life Lessons

Author | K E Sunder, Balsing Kamal Khandusing Rajput, Chattanathan D, Sunil Rajagopal, Danni Thomas Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | combo Pages | 889

Rs. 1104

Bestselling Combo of 5 Poetry Books about Life Lessons

Books empower us to the extent of teaching us life lessons without actually having to go through it. Sometimes, it is about deep-diving into the lives that we are living, broaden our worldview, and enlighten us to the extent that it makes our lives better. This Life Lesson Bestselling Combo is the perfect gift for yourself and the loved ones around you.

Pearls of the Morning Dew: An Anthology of Poems

Written by K E Sunder, this book presents his views on purpose of life, the present-day world, the personalities he liked and his relationship with God all beautifully woven into this amazing anthology of verse. His poems evoke divinity, patriotism and profound love for mankind and adoration of God.

Life of Soul

Written by Balsing Kamal Khandusing Rajput, a serving police officer, speaker, researcher, technology evangelist, this book professes that the universal way to eternal peace flows through love, kindness, and compassion.

Dollops of Life

Written by Chattanathan D, currently the Managing Director of Aryadhan Financial Solutions (P) Ltd, this book is a collection of poems encompassing various facets of happenings in one’s life. The poems reflect things that can make one happy and grow. The book also has interesting poems, directly from the poet's heart, which impregnates human emotions.

What Goes into a Butterfly

Written by Sunil Rajagopal, an engineer and a post graduate in forestry, this is a collection of 125 poems, long and short, grouped in to 8 engrossing sections.

Fireflies at 3 am

Written by Danni Thomas, this book throws light on the quirks, beliefs, and vanities of humans in a style that’s refreshingly new, impactful, and thought-provoking.

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