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Bestselling Combo of 5 Poetry Books about Life

Author | Bijal Pandya, Balsing Kamal Khandusing Rajput, Manu Devassia, Chattanathan D, Dev Das Menon Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | Combo Pages | 666

Bestselling Combo of 5 Poetry Books about Life

Life is a multi-layered quest consisting of different events and rendezvous. Care to indulge in exploring the various traits and episodes that life offers? Then get ready for a joyride as StoryMirror brings you a combination of five impeccable narratives to enjoy life to the fullest. Acquire the compact combination & explore, wander & unearth vivid hues that life offers.

Reflections of Life

Written by Bijal Pandya, this book is a straightforward expression surrounding many reflections in life. This compilation of poems is an attempt to do just that. A storyteller at heart & by profession, she is constantly trying to engage people & helping them in expressing their own thoughts in ways that would help them live a complete life.

Life of Soul

Balsing Rajput is a serving police officer, speaker, researcher, technology evangelist, and author of this book. This is the journey of human beings to being human. This professes that the universal way to eternal peace flows through love, kindness & compassion.

The Epiphany of My Life

Written by Manu Devassia, this book is marked by the lyrical beauty & inspirational insight that can touch the heart of any poetry lover. This collection brings together the finest works of a young poet. Manu is an enthusiastic, young self-motivated writer from Kerala. He is a passionate English teacher by profession.

Dollops Of Life

Chattanathan D, the author of this amazing poetry collection, is currently the Managing Director of Aryadhan Financial Solutions (P) Ltd. The book has interesting poems, directly from the poet's heart, which impregnates human emotions.

Myriad Colors of Life

Written by Dev Das Menon, this is a collection of poems reflecting on different facts of our lives, the conflict between good and bad, tragedy, child abuse, woman empowerment & other aspects of life.

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