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3 Poetry Books Combo on Soulful Poetry | Joy-Filled Verses | Poems of Happiness, Hope, and Healing

Author | Maitri Indrasen Singh, Dr. Paramita Mukherjee Mullick, Shivani Bindhyeshwari Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | combo Pages | 370

3 Poetry Books Combo on Soulful Poetry | Joy-Filled Verses | Poems of Happiness, Hope, and Healing

Poetry is one of the most important and powerful forms of writing because it helps us to transform our emotions into heartfelt verses. Suddenly, the words don't sound the same or mean the same. Each sentence leaves a long-lasting impact on the readers. Read this bunch of books that capture some soul-searching poetries.

The Poetry Harbour : A Wave of Emotions

This poetry collection brings to the readers poems written by the author during her emotional peaks. The topics chosen for all the poems are quite relatable to a majority of people going through both mental misery and ecstasy while experiencing life. Be prepared to ride a roller-coaster of your hidden sentiments! Vent out your heart and be inspired to live a quality life.

The Maverick's Journey

The Maverick's Journey is a collection of sixty poems. While writing poetry about what the poetess saw and felt, she started finding herself. New feelings or maybe latent feelings began to surface and totally new views about things started coming to her mind and so she calls it a journey. Out of confusion, beautiful verses were born when she started jotting down the feelings of her new journey.

Soup For the Soul : A Book for Everyone and No One

This book will take you on a beautiful journey inward and make you reflect, heal, smile, grow and learn. A collection of poems that is as carefully put as the stars in the sky and equally magnanimous and meditative. It is for everyone and public, yet it is the most personal thing written for 'you' personally. Through the seven ingredients - Life, Voice, Body, Vulnerability, Love, Truth, Faith, and Art - Author has beautifully created a concoction that she likes to call 'Soup for the Soul'. Enjoy the warmth!

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