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Pieces for Peace


V Padma
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About Book:

From the moment I began my three R’s the English language has always fascinated me. I owe my allegiance to the nuns of the school I attended to, for having inculcated into me ethics along with good education. The Creator has definitely created us with a purpose of being complementary to each other. However; we are competing with one another to an extent of trampling the other and surging forward. In the process, we are gradually deviating from our paths and losing our moral values. I strongly believe, people and circumstances are our best teachers. This book is a compilation of articles written with a motive of bringing about holistic growth within us. Dedicating my work to my readers, I shall consider myself blessed if I become instrumental in transforming lives and bringing about peace into your lives through my pieces. Happy Reading!!

About Author:

V Padma born in Kharagpur(West Bengal), did her M.A in English and her B.Ed. too. She has a vast teaching experience having worked in various schools and colleges. “She has always been a colossal pillar of strength and a motivational factor,” claim her students. Reading and writing being her inborn passion culminated into the creation of a second book “Pieces for Peace”. Her first one being “Tales of Truth”, a collection of short stories. Her anecdotes and short stories have been published in Woman’s Era and other magazines. Her articles appear in the magazine Infini thoughts. She believes words are powerful weapons which can go a long way in molding minds and transforming lives. “We being an integral part of society need to do our little towards its upliftment”, she opines.

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