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Painted Skies and Paper Hearts : Poems Through the Eyes of a Teenager

Author | Mehak Baweja Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9788119445387 Pages | 154

About the Book:

This book represents an important milestone in Author Mehak Baweja's creative journey. It is a compilation of poems giving her perspective of the world around. The poems capture various moods and situations from the eyes of the poetess. Various genres are compiled together covering a plethora of topics right from the world of pets, covid, teenage, love and heartbreak.

The book shall touch everyone in different ways, be it a new perspective to a situation or something similarly felt by the reader. You are encouraged to go through the book, poem by poem, dwelling on the feelings and emotions expressed in each of the writings encapsulated in this beautiful book. Spending time with this book shall make you observe the world through the eyes of a teenager.

This book presents a bouquet of flavours of everyday life from a young poetess whose eye for detail in everyday occurrences and discerning attitude will surely enthral you and motivate you to look at many situations in life with a new lens. 

About the Author:

Mehak Baweja is a 17-year-old who loves writing poetry. She is a dreamer who is passionate about social causes and dogs. In addition to academics, she is an active participant in various extracurricular activities.

She is a prolific poet, an author, a Dan1 black belt in taekwondo and an avid kathak dancer. Her ability to build interpersonal rapport, good communication skills and observant nature facilitate the leadership positions she has held.

She has written poetry in different genres, picking up sensitive topics such as war, gender disparity, etc. Out of over 50 poems she has written, some of them have been published in school magazines, newsletters and online on StoryMirror. One of her poems also got published in an Anthology- Surreal Moments, available on Amazon.

She is enthusiastic and a problem solver with an aim to contribute to society by presenting the state of the society in a medium which resonates well with all sections. She regularly volunteers for causes related to health and education.

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