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नॉट इक्वल टू लव (Not Equal To Love)


Suraj Prakash
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About the Book:

The novel NOT EQUAL TO LOVE is first Hindi Novel written in facebook chat format. There are two characters in the novel. One well educated married lady from a small town and a writer from a metro city. They both come in contact with each other through facebook and share a lot many things of common interest through chats over a period of time. The lady is ambitious and wants to do so many things in her life but is equally confused. She has a unsuccessful love story from the college days but cannot decide whether she still loves him or not. She is flicker mind in a way and cannot concentrate on any aspect of life for some time. The novel deals with the impact of present scenario of social media on urban and semi urban women and other equally important aspects of life like ambitions, love, family, friendship, music, literature and so on. The novel is written in a very simple and lucid language and tries to relate to readers of all age groups living in urban and metro cities and are connected with the social media in any way.

About the Author:

Suraj Prakash, age 64, is an eminent Hindi Writer, translator and editor. He has eight story collections, three novels and two satirical books to his credit. He has translated autobiographies of Charles Chaplin and Charles Darwin besides some other books from English. Although he is Punjabi but has translated eight books, including autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi from Gujarati. The total number or his orgininal, translated and edited books is 32. His novel Not equal to love is just published. It is a chat novel and is first of its kind in any language. Three scholars have done Mphil on three have done PhD on his literary contribution.

He has been awarded Gujarat and Maharashtra Sahitya Academy awards.

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