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My Slice of Life : A Teen’s Journey through Laughter, Life and Lessons

Author | Aaria Nair Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9788196375263 Pages | 154

About the Book:

“Countless experiences come together to form one wonderful experience which we call our life.”

14 years is a long time to have survived on earth, there's a lot that can happen in 14 years. 'My slice of life' is just what it sounds like. 14 years is only a slice from the whole life that lies ahead of the teen who narrates this story. Or stories, rather.

Accompany our 14-year-old pal, as she takes you through her initial experience with teenage… and everything that she's learned. Every chapter follows a new story, a new experience, and a new perspective about the simplest of things that make up our complicated lives. The book is guaranteed to lighten your mood as you smile upon the innocence of a teen with the guts to comment on things way beyond her reach.

I bet you haven't ever thought of taking life advice from a 9th grader. You should try it though. You'll be surprised.

About the Author:

Aaria Nair is a 15-year-old, currently studying in Pune. When she's not preoccupied trying to figure out a fictional murder mystery, worrying about her future, playing the guitar, or listening to pop music, she writes. Writing has always been her hobby that eventually developed into her passion.

She writes regularly on her blog: mysmileyblues.blogspot.com – which is where it all began. Sharing her experiences, and her work, has always been her dream.

This is her first shot at a book, which includes countless anecdotes that helped her grow and become the young adult she is today.

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