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My Foreshore Road Days | Stories of Struggle, Strength, and Secrets Unveiled | A Heartfelt Memoir

Author | Latika Chakrabarty Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9788119445622 Pages | 272

About the Book:

It is a novel of short stories. There are several designated characters, and each has a unique backstory. Malathi was dressed in a multicolored, shiny garment, her six yards draped to show off her wealth, but she was unable to conceal her worries and suffering. The next-door neighbor makes an effort to grin while hiding his tears and covering them up. He lost his wife to suicide as a sheer result of his folly. Mina had fallen to the wicked and his sinful thoughts had clouded her, while Devika remained upright and fought valiantly to the end.

Every character is captivating; some are through their beauty and charm, but most of them are torn apart, gripping, and full of suspense. It makes the reader feel upbeat. What next?

About the Author:

Latika born in Dhubri, Assam, was the ninth child in a family of fourteen. Her parents instilled in their children values of honesty, perseverance, and a love for reading. Despite societal norms, Latika excelled academically, becoming the top student at Bhola Nath College. After marrying young, she raised three children and supported her husband, Late Shri Krishna Lal's career as an Officer-Surveyor. At 89, Latika became an entrepreneur and crafted potli bags from used cloth materials. Her grandson, Joy, saw her accomplished work and took it to public attention creating a website, 'Latikas'.


She also started writing articles for Bengali magazines. In Cochin, she wrote her memoirs reflecting on her remarkable journey. With the support of her children, she embraced new technology to enter the publishing industry. As both an entrepreneur and an author, Latika found success with a considerable following for her creations and writings, marking her last venture into English novels. Latika's story has reached a wider audience. At 93, she serves as a living example that life can be led fruitfully, dreams can be pursued, and hope can be found in following one's passion.

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