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My Encounters with Wisdom

Author | Biranchi N. Acharya Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 978-81-951535-1-0 Pages | 222

About Book:

Life, with its various occurrences and challenges, ceaselessly teaches us how to hone our knowledge and enhance our wisdom. If we recollect our past encounters with self, friends, seniors, or even unknown people on our way, we will realize that we have learnt important lessons on the way reinforcing our wisdom. At times, many things appear ordinary and sometimes arguments/discussions appear to be worthless and no way noteworthy. But on a conscious introspection it feels that everything that happens in our life, is in fact, a learning curve for all of us which helps us to expand the arena of our wisdom.

‘My Encounter With Wisdom’ is a collection of real-life incidents that we usually forget. Here an attempt is made to show how the ancient legends are applicable to our life and how knowledge and wisdom can be achieved from simple discussions, events, and even from friendly debates.

About the Author:

Biranchi N Acharya is a hardcore and competent civil engineer by profession and a habitual blogger and writer by passion. As an ardent political/social observer, he is a regular contributor to various online political and social platforms that publish articles, stories, and opinions. His various articles/blogs ranging from opinions on politics, current affairs, socio-economic issues, religion, and spiritual thoughts have been published on different platforms and highly appreciated by his readers at large. He also has lots of anecdotes based on real-life experiences, mostly in storytelling style, posted in various free blogging sites which have earned him loads of accolades from his readers.

‘My Encounter With Wisdom’ is the first book the author had published in December 2014 and republished now. ‘Tale O’ 12’ is his second book. The author can be contacted on infobnacharya@gmail.com  

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