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My Colourful World : An Infant's Kaleidoscope

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Author | Shubhra Rastogi Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 76

About the Book:

“What happens next is nothing less than a disaster! I throw up all the milk. Then she sits with her hands on her head, talking to herself, "If only I had burped you!" And she has to change my clothes for the nth time that day.”

If only the new mom would have been attentive to what her baby was thinking… the calamity would have been avoided. There are so many times when babies are misinterpreted. When a baby cries we often think the baby is hungry, cold, sweaty, colicky, or uncomfortable in a dirty diaper. It is so hard for us to figure out what babies are thinking. This book gives a sneak peek into the wonderful world of babies.

About the Author:

Shubhra Rastogi is a dentist by education, a healthcare analyst, a medical writer by profession, and a writer by chance. As a child she used to write short stories as part of her holiday homework.

Her closest stint to becoming an author was when she used to write blogs about her daughter. This book, which was written in the onset of Covid-19, is also inspired by her daughters.

While blogging she has won numerous awards … some big, some small. Nonetheless, these awards were always welcome and impelled her to write further. 

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