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Munches, Punches & Manya’s Hunches

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Author | Monica Khanna Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 60

About the Book:

Manya isn't perfect. Just like everyone else. She throws tantrums when she doesn't get her way. She makes a mess, driving her poor mother bananas. She battles with her little sister Mehek – and it's not just a battle of words! She plays pranks on unsuspecting victims. But she also has a streak of kindness in her, and oodles of love to shower on those who don't have what she does. 

Walk through the winding, curvy roads of Manya's life, and feel the raindrops splashing on her face, making each moment of her journey delightful, unique and full of surprises!   

About the Author:

At an early age, Monica loved to read and craved to go to school. The craving persisted as she proceeded to get her BA, MA, M.Phil, and then finally PhD in English - all for the love of literature. An effective communicator, she has been widely published and has always had a flair for prose. Her love for kids and writing comes together in this book. Being a teacher by profession, and a mother, poet and writer at heart, this is the perfect culmination of art and science. 

Her life revolves around her bubbly thirteen year old daughter Mahika, who is her life, love and inspiration. 

She has published seven books. ‘Deconstructing Motherhood’ (2010) deals with the ideology of motherhood in Indian culture. ‘Peek a Boo Manya’ (2016) is a collection of short stories for children which attempts to create a familiar world that Indian children can identify with and relate to. ‘Wickety Whack’ (2017) is full of whacky humour, mischief, fun and learning in the classroom. ‘Re-Visioning Mythology in Indian Literature’ (2017) deals with the reinterpretation and subversion of Hindu myths in contemporary Indian literature. She has recently authored three books on grammar and composition for grades 6-8 for Eupheus Learning.

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