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Moths & Fireflies: Fabled Metanoia of the Living

Author | Vidujith Vithanage Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789392661259 Pages | 128

About The Book:

This anthology of poems is author’s first published body of work inspired by his transformational journey during the second decade of his life. He invites the reader to share the journey with him. Encounters with tragedy, ideologies and people drive change. Anyone who has transversed the paths of youth to step into adulthood and has seen the world as it is, will be able to connect with the author’s journey and resonate with his perspectives.

A thoughtful reader may find stimulating rhetoric and philosophical concepts embedded in these pages. In the hands of the reader, these poems can be transformative or reflective, to say the least, if their hearts are willing to accept the naked reality.  

About the Author:

Vidujith Vithanage is an upcoming poet who chose to follow his instincts that continued to ignite him from school days. He is a Physicist, Educator and a TEDX organizer, a man passionate about making positive changes in the world with the power of ideas and education.

In his words, "Poetry is the highest form of expression for me; I found solace, calmness, and meaning in it. It is a sculpture carved out of words, a painting whose brush strokes are words."

You may find emotions, depth, rhetoric, and ideas that might shatter the very foundations of your belief system among his poems. What else can you expect when a physicist becomes a poet?

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