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मिशन अपना अपना (Mission Apna Apna)


Prem Shankar Khare
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About the Book:

In the background of the conversion after 1857 by the missionaries, the book portrays intimate love and contradiction of religion between young Zamindar Udaypal and Sophia, and in the challenges faced by Sister Agatha and Sister Sophia, the readers get acquainted with unimaginable memories where one finds organized non-cooperation among many British atrocities.

Can Sophia's unique work style and new leadership lead to the Indian society of equality? Will Sister Sophia's devoted love to the married Udaypal be able to protect the missionary dignity?

Where is the end of the Lakshmana line of unmarried love? Will Sister Agatha's religion propaganda and conversion campaign stand in front of Indian resistance?

"Mission Apna Apna" is a fascinating journey, of Sophia in the heart of an Indian village, of 1857's horrible memories, of hatred and of discrimination, which is also full of an extraordinary feeling of love.

Read on to know more.

About the Author:

Writer Shri Prem Shankar Khare has been a famous academician for nearly four decades, during which he has been associated with NCERT, SCERT, SIE UP Board and several institutions.

He is currently the President of the Educational Forum, Allahabad. He has published several research-oriented papers, critically acclaimed articles, fiction and non-fiction books like Raali (novel), Bimb-Pratibimb (poetry), Footprints: Bright and Deep (inspirational life sketches), Towards Quality Education (education), A fresh look at Quality Education (Education), Growth of Press and Public Opinion (History), Lights of Humanity (Biography), Shiksha Aur Manovigyan (Education), Principles of Human Rights, Indian Journalism and Independence Conflicts and Universal Declaration of Human Duties.

He was honored with 'Prayag Gaurav Samman' for his remarkable contributions as a writer, academician, columnist, critic and teacher."

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