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Mirage - Tales of Deception


Suchitra Karthikeyan
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About the Book: 

She commanded the royalty. 

There was nothing and no one who could escape her ire. But what would happen when she finally faces the climax of her revenge? Will she soften for nostalgia? Or will she fulfill her destiny? Join Aryaa in the 'The fateful Princess' and find out how she spewed the fire in her heart to shatter the Jodhpur royals.

She enthralled the world with her mesmerizing dance. But what did the world see in her? 

A pure soul, an artistic treasure or a key to unlock a priceless treasure? Journey with Vinaya in 'The Divine Pawn' through the hallowed halls of Chidambaram to know how her dance recital suddenly turns into Chidambaram's worst nightmare.

She was a blushing bride. 

It was finally her day. Each and every detail had been painstakingly planned. Then why did her wedding kiss turn into a kiss of death? Witness how Ariana's winter wonderland wedding turn sinister in 'Something old, something borrowed and someone red'.

She was humiliated. 

Her fiery potential as an engineer was being wasted. Why should she care about her job when nobody valued her? In 'The knight in safety helmet', uncover why undermining Pariza, the bright engineer made a dusty, Thermal Power plant at Dhanbad pay a catastrophic rice.

They never knew what fate had in store for them. What would happen when these four icons collide with each other? Would it be life-altering or would it just be a passage of time? Learn this in the final chapter 'A twist of fate, a change in heart'.

About the Author: 

Suchitra Karthikeyan is a Bharatnatyam trained dancer, Carnatic singer, author currently working as an electrical engineer at Tata Power. She has lived in Mumbai since the beginning of time and is married to CA Vijay Kaushik (he goes by that title). She is a curly-headed chai-addict, vegetarian and a die-hard Chennai Super Kings fan (mainly because of MS Dhoni)

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