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3 Bestselling Book Combo On Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Hotel Industry | Daily Chronicles | Business Tips & Models |

Author | Harpal Singh Sokhi, Rattan Keswani, Seema Raghunath Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | combo Pages | 528

Rs. 1073

3 Bestselling Book Combo On Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Hotel Industry | Daily Chronicles | Business Tips & Models |

Self-Growth Techniques In-depth knowledge of 'how to' has been given by the authors to the first-time investors, explaining the functionality of the hospitality & hotel business. This book combo is also for those looking to convert their existing asset into a lodging unit, polishing their leadership skills & embarking on a journey of self-grwth. Through captivating anecdotes and real-life encounters, the book combo immerses readers in the multifaceted realm of hotel management, delving into leadership & success.

The Biryani Leader: Spice Up Your Management Style

Biryani is not just a comfort food; it is also considered the king of foods! Renowned for its rich flavor and distinct aroma, it stands out as a dish that can satiate and satisfy anyone's hunger. From the time when the Mughal queen Mumtaz ordered her royal chef to prepare it for her army, to the present day where chefs across the country have developed their own unique styles, biryani has earned a special place in the hearts of both children and adults.

Check In Never Check Out '

Check-In, Never Check Out ' is a captivating and invaluable book that chronicles the extraordinary life of Mr. Rattan Keswani, a revered luminary in the hospitality industry. Seamlessly blending personal triumphs and challenges, this opus offers readers an intimate window into the inner workings of a hotelier's existence. 'Check-In, Never Check Out ' is a testament to the transformative power of fortuitous paths and offers inspiration and erudition to those navigating the hospitality industry.

I Gutching:

Opening the 3rd Eye of Leadership I Gutching is a book meant for EVERY working professional and student who aspires a zestful career. The material here is especially of value to Business Leaders, Managers, Human Resource specialists, Trainers and those in the teaching field. This book will compel you to start valuing Natural Intelligence and look beyond Corporate Casteism.

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