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Bestselling Combo of 4 Magic and Mystery Books

Author | Rajesh k k, Rudransh Deep, Vanshika Chaudhary, Veeir Kapoor Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | Combo Pages | 714

Bestselling Combo of 4 Books for Magic and Mystery Stories

Enter the world of enchantment, witchcraft, mystery, and bewitchery by reading this Bestselling Book Combo of Magic and Mystery. The books in this combo are a perfect gift for your kids, young teens and curious students.

The Magic Cup : A World of Magika Novel

Written by rajesh k k, this book is about four good friends from Bangalore who are mysteriously transported to another world called Magika. This book is a concoction of magic, conundrum, and thrill. This is a world of magic and is populated by Elves, Dwarves, Giants and other such fantastic creatures. Dive into this world.

My Magical Vacation in Greenwich

Written by Rudransh Deep, this is the story of Rohan and his family’s adventures in a mysterious land. Their mail starts speaking to them; the trains they board start flying beside the birds; they cross deadly lava rivers; play Snake n’ Ladders with a troll; find their way out through a maze which has no exit. Want to know what happened next?

Misfortunate Magic: The Beginning

Written by Vanshika Chaudhary, this book is about the twists and turns, misfortune or tragedy that deviate the course of our lives. Violet Robinson Parker had an ordinary life before her sister told her about the Consortium. Mythical, mystical, and undoubtedly magical, the Consortium was the one and only thing that her life revolved around ever since her sister’s untimely death.

The Magical War

Written by Veeir Kapoor, this book is about a dangerous witch Aradia in the disguise of a fairy tempting Jazzy and turning him into a frog boy. The fight with witches and witchcraft in the underground will make your legs wobbly with fear. Want to experience the drama unfold?

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