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Lingoo - The Tree Snaps a Selfie


N. Lingusamy
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About the book:

This is a work of Haiku, the Japanese poetry form. Lingusamy lovingly calls these verses as 'Lingoo'.

Lingoo contains deep insights that display the passion Lingusamy has about life. Painting pictures with words is an art that Lingusamy has mastered over the years and the art form which is, in any way, still connected to its roots, is a masterpiece.

As you turn the pages, you will not only see the beauty of images he creates with his words but it will also take you along on a journey, deep withing yourself.

About the Author:

Nammalvar Lingusamy is a famous Indian film director, screenwriter, and film producer in Tamil cinema based in Chennai. Lingusamy made his directorial debut with the Mammootty starrer family drama Aanandham in 2001 and followed it up with films like Run (2002), Ji (2005), Sandakozhi (2005), Bheema (2008), Paiyaa (2010), Vettai (2012), and Anjaan (2014)

He is also a Haiku-master, who passionately follows this unique style of Japanese poetry form and further developed his own brand of Haiku writing in Tamil, which became quite popular in South India.

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