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Let Love Be-friend You

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Author | Tanmayyii Arora Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 188

About the Book:

Life is not about survival instead it is about realizing oneself and our life's purpose. What happens when all you need is love and you are born with a deep void to find love. All you find are the dark shadows and pangs of loneliness. What do you find in darkness? A deep desire to rise or fall back into the roots of survival.

This book answers your questions and leads you to a divine portal of universe which is always open for you. All you need is to find yourself. Are you ready?

About the Author:

Tanmayyii Arora is a professional content writer, Tarot Card Reader and a healer. Above all, she is the student of life. She is an alchemist who likes to transmute darkness into light. She believes in the power of divine angels and spirit guides who guides her to spread the messages of divine love amongst people.

Aspiring to be a good human being and a philanthropist, she believes living life in freedom. God has given wings to everyone, make sure you fly higher and inspire others who do not get opportunity to live their dreams. Be an inspiration so that others could start their journey back to themselves and nourish their perceptions with great virtues and distinct qualities.

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