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It's My Turn Now

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Author | Sania S. Bafna Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 270

About The Book

5 lives; 4 secrets; 3 friends; 2 surprises; 1 player

Together, the perfect recipe for disaster!

5 high school students have secrets. Like we all do. But what do you do when you know someone else’s? Hide it or pull them out? Especially when friendship is at stake...

And things always grow more complicated when there’s a player involved: an unexpected person, doing unacceptable things, causing unforgettable damage.

And yes: there are no rules. So, it gets pretty dirty. Let’s see who wins?

Or rather, who loses!

About The Author

Sania S. Bafna 

  • Awarded the best outgoing pupil 
  • Speaker in a Mental Health Webinar 
  • To balance out her crazy, she meditates and plays guitar

Sania Bafna recently turned sixteen. She has been writing since she was eight. (So, you can say half her life!)

What makes writing special is the fact that it is her oldest, most treasured pastime, and what makes this book special is the fact that it is her first novel.

When she's not writing she blasts music to annoy her sister; paints and sketches, read weird facts about psychology.

Sometimes forgetting to keep her books in their place she hops on to watch Netflix until her little sister calls her for a story and making weird fantasies for her younger sister, she ends up writing this novel.

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