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Is God Almighty?

Author | Vishal Gandhi Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789360704216 Pages | 98

About the Book:

"Is God Almighty?" is a semi-autobiographical story of a man’s spiritual quest that finds resolution through a series of startling and extraordinary mystical experiences. Set in modern-day Mumbai, it traces the protagonist’s journey through an idyllic childhood, the pressures and uncertainties of the teenage years, and the coming-of-age experiences that serve as a catalyst for a profound understanding of the world, the concept of divinity and why human existence is both beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

What makes the premise of the book intriguing is that this is not the story of a spiritual teacher or a guru; this is the story of an ordinary man who is leading an ordinary life filled with common human experiences that are relatable and universal. However, while for millions, their questions remain largely unanswered, in this instance the answers received were direct, personal and such, that they shake the very foundations of our understanding of the spiritual world.

Finally, with this book, the objective is to share its message as widely as possible across a cross-section of society and national and international audiences. The author believes its message is powerful and, in some ways, offers a ray of light and hope to anyone who may be grappling with their own spiritual questions or trauma and difficulties. May this book ease their suffering, and may it bring forth a new perspective of the nature of the divine power and help us discover our own place in the universe. 

About the Author:

Mr Vishal Gandhi, an accomplished first-generation lawyer, founded the esteemed firm Gandhi Associates in India at a remarkable young age of 28. Renowned for his exceptional legal acumen, Vishal has successfully represented numerous Fortune 100 companies, positioning him among India's elite business lawyers. Specializing in cross-border transactional work, his expertise effortlessly navigates the intricacies of international business ventures.

However, Vishal's journey extends far beyond the realm of law. Deeply influenced by the spiritual teachings passed down by his parents and grandparents, he draws upon this profound connection to spirituality as the bedrock of his first book.

Inspired by his own experiences, Vishal shares these revelations to offer solace and insight to readers who may find themselves pondering over similar existential inquiries. Serving as a beacon of hope, the book ignites positive transformation and provides a source of comfort to those embarking on its profound journey.

“Is God Almighty?” stands as a testament to his aspiration to spread optimism and uplift the global community. With a harmonious blend of introspection and a resonating melody, Vishal extends a heartfelt invitation to embrace hope, uncover profound meaning, and radiate positivity in a world yearning for spiritual nourishment.

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