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I Wish I...

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Author | Arvind Bhandari Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 340

About The Book:

Falling to a certain death, Abhi protests and yearns to be spared so he can fulfil his unlived wishes. And god agrees.

On 20th Mar '21, his soul is separated from the body enabling him to visit his past and reverse previous losses and regrets. He becomes his own god. Great marks, sport-wins, girls, popularity…are thrilling, but, how much should he give himself before altering his original self, irreversibly? Success & wealth puts him on top of the

world, but the aftereffects are unexpected. Now, he just wants the wisdom to know what to wish but is he even in control, as he feels internally split into two people.

It's 20th Mar '21 again.

Abhi owes to god to either revert to the incomplete original life or continue his unbridled wish-fulfillment. What life will he choose? After fulfilling all his wishes.

About the Author:

Arvind Bhandari is Executive Vice President /Director with Nestle India.

He is the author of a business book, `Pragmarketism: Pragmatic Insights for Winning Indian Consumers,’ a spiritual fiction, Mahavir: Conqueror of the Self and a self-help book, Inverted: Unobvious Reflections towards a Better Life.

He writes regularly on business issues in Brand Equity of Economic Times.

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