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I want the Rain to Stay

Author | Swetha Pujari Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789392661006 Pages | 130

About the Book:

I want the rain to stay

So you and I can live once again

Under the tendril drops of a falling rain

Much like the grey clouds that leak secrets buried in their folds, this collection of poems reveals the core of a hidden heart at the very sign of a returning silence, drifting emotion, or a fading memory. Through these innate moments of colorless and ethereal quiet, I hope to evoke a sense of stillness within. Embark on this windswept misadventure as the first raindrop falls. 

About the Author:

Swetha is an ambivert who enjoys social interaction, as long as she gets some alone time with a book, tea, or a tree. When she isn’t hopping between coffee shops with her husband, SK, pursuing a perfect latte, she can be found destroying recipes by substituting ingredients or tending to her modest succulent garden, her newest hobby since working from home. Even as she continues to explore new horizons and interests, one thing has been the same, her love for writing.

This book is her way of reminding herself that even the strongest emotions fade, that time is not so much of an ally, and what counts is how far you are prepared to go to find yourself. You may follow her everyday excursions @brazenwings on Instagram.

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