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I Shouldn't Have Died Like This

Author | Ashutosh Srivastava Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789386305862 Pages | 180

₹250 ₹1

About the Book:

Dreams... We thank God, after we wake up from a nightmare. And we are also the one, who curse God after we wake up from a dream in which we had all the luxuries of the world, or in which we had achieved what we really wanted to. Smile or grief comes to us, when we wake up from the dream, but when we are asleep, we live in the dream, as we are... Dreams take us to a land filled with imagination; imagination which is by our conscious and subconscious mind. Name, Fame, Money, Honey... that's it.

That's all we want! Isn't it? What if you die in your dream? What if you didn't go to hell or to heaven, because when your deeds got tallied, you didn't fit in, for any of them? What if you attain enlightment in your dream? What then? Nothing! It will also come to an end, just like every other dream does; leaving you behind with just a story... a story, which can teach you something...

About the Author:

Ashutosh is an engineer, from Indore, who chose to become a writer; an artist. He loves to write poetries in English & in Hindi.

Apart from this, he is a freelancing fitness trainer. Cooking and drawing sketches are among his favourite hobbies.

After completing his graduation in computer science he chose to become a full time writer, who tries to promote, being an artist. He says, 'Everyone is an artist... I am just trying to tell people what is their art form!'

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