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Hope in a Fool's Paradise

Author | Raghav Diwan Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789390267811 Pages | 122

About the Book:

Fictional stories inspired by the real emotions of the author, this book brings to you an engrossing anthology medley where things are not as they seem, and victims and perpetrators stealthily switch sides. Bringing you five stories with humanity at the center - in the gray area where there are no saints and no sinners. Follow them as they navigate this web of their interconnected yet distant realities. 


Suhas is focused on attending a grave video call with his wife, until he hears the screams of a woman likely being abused in the room next door. He takes matters into his own hands when the hotel staff refuse to intervene, but what will it cost him?


A failed Bollywood actress Kavya spends her days surrounded by luxury but fraught with loneliness and sickness. An unforeseen incident forces her to bond with her caretaker, Madhav. But is everything as accidental as it seems? And will it last?

Karim Babban

In a country where cricket is beyond a sport and cricketers are national heroes, slum-dwelling Babban dreams of becoming a cricketer too. But the sway of power, money and nepotism make it impossible for him until one day he encounters a life-altering opportunity, for better or worse.


A tale of connection under fortuitous circumstances in the city of dreams and opportunities - Bombay. Oons and Myra both dream of leaving their legacy behind. Their paths cross in a strange yet wholesome way. But are the stars in their favour?


A story of budding love soon transforms into one of vengeance when Jaykishan witnesses his love interest in an unforgivable situation. Blinded by rage and humiliation, he incites communal violence in his village. Is all truly fair in love and war?

About the Author:

Raghav Diwan is someone who has time and again proven that no matter how many hindrances one experiences, giving up should never be an alternative, and with a determined mind, everyone should strive towards success.

He was born in Madhya Pradesh, India, in 1996. He can be best described as an actor, magician, screenwriter, YouTuber, writer, filmmaker, producer and many more. His journey to success was definitely an inspiring one, but it did have a lot of obstacles. He started his career as a magician in 2012 and regularly performed at US Pizza outlets. Later he decided to explore the world of entertainment, and to enhance his skills, he joined an acting school. Soon he got a chance to act in movies and eventually even made his directorial debut with the movie, 'Ladies First'.  

The initial days were full of struggles for him, but then, things fell into place when he got a chance to work with filmmaker Pooja Bhatt on a music video. After that, everything became aligned. Till now, Raghav has more than 100 short films and a web series titled '18+jobseekers' to his credit; he acted in some of those and contributed as a writer or director in others. He is currently working as a lead actor in an upcoming short-film 'Love in Kalimpong' produced by Blackeye Entertainment LLP.

This multi-talented personality entered the world of writing with his first book – 'The Roads to Death', published in 2022. 'Hope in a Fool's Paradise' is his second book.

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