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Bestselling Combo of 2 Historical Fiction Books

Author | Nishith S.Parikh, Prateep Roy Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | Combo Pages | 536

Bestselling Combo for Historical Fiction

History is something that lies in the past, has been done or already happened. Fictions are a part of our vivid imaginations - sometimes distressful, sometimes eventful, sometimes mysterious, and sometimes just beautifully emotional. A mix of both the things often turns a tale magically curious. This Bestselling Combo for Historical Fiction is a work of intrigued imagination and bewildering excitement.

Signboard at Dholavira

Written by Nishith S. Parikh, a Chartered Accountant by profession & a writer by passion, this story is set in different time zones. Two Professors, from Archaeological Survey of India stumble upon a signboard at one of an Indus Valley Civilization site in 1999 and what follows, is a set of nerve wracking incidents, unfolding drama, secrets, and excitement. Join the spine-thrilling chase.

The Curse of Kukkutarma

Written by Prateep Roy, an Anthropologist, this book is about realizing a childhood dream of making a time machine. Atitayā́n - a machine that travels to the past has been created and instead of traveling thousands of years into the past, the protagonist travels 100 years into the future due to a technical glitch. What follows is an interesting and flummoxing tale.

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