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History and Myth Bestselling Combo

Author | Ashok Mishra, Pramod Agrawal, Sridhar Chitta Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | combo Pages | 1368

Rs. 1847

History and Myth Bestselling Combo

A precise literary genre versus a narrative concerning the origin of everything - this is what the History and Myth Bestselling Combo looks like. History and Myth represent alternative ways of looking at the past. The books in this combo are written after years of research and they are sure to enlighten you.

Hinduism - Ritual, Reason and Beyond

Written by Ashok Mishra, a double post graduate in electronic engineering and the CEO of a Indo Japanese manufacturing venture and Director of International Management Consultancy, the book is a journey through 5000 years of evolution of Hinduism, and is outcome of seven years of study to understand the roots of Hinduism.

Early Hindu-Buddhist Kingdoms of Indonesia

Written by Pramod Agrawal, the book describes how the influence of the Indianized kingdoms have left a rich legacy of unique Javanese culture, and how with a fusion of Hindu-Buddhist beliefs with indigenous animist cultural practices has laid the foundation for a united Indonesia.

The Knowledge in the Vedas

Written by Sridhar Chitta, a retired Professor of Electronics and Communication Engineering, the book explores the relation between the Divine Reality and the ritualistic worship practised by Hindus.

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