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Him & Her Combo: Corporate Couples

Author | StoryMirror Authors Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | COMBO Pages | 200

Enhance your mindfulness, wellness and inner leadership by developing and working towards a sustainable culture at work place with this amazing Him & Her Combo: Corporate Couples - work towards a common goal!

New York to NEW YOU: THE 31/7 ODYSSEY

This book is all about you and your Odyssey within. Two men from opposite sides of the world are brought together by a moment of serendipity. James, an investment banker and the darling of Wall Street in New York meets a Guru, the Life Transformer in India. And there is a mysterious character, RK, who has a mysterious link with both these characters. What happens when the three meet after James' flight from New York? This book is about enhancing your mindfulness, wellness and inner leadership. It explains the distinction between how to make a living versus how to live. It includes 'how-to' steps, to transform your thinking - and in turn, your life.

PLAN C - Building & Sustaining A High Performance Culture In The Hybrid World

If culture eats strategy across all three meals, then the CEO serves those meals. The biggest management tragedy of the last century resulted in the estimated loss of several trillion dollars across diverse organisations, and it occurred thanks to lack of opportunity, reduction of discretionary human performance, and, most of all, the de emphasis on culture within those groups. This tragedy will continue unless leaders take immediate steps to avert it. For CEOs and other business leaders, achieving a high-performance culture is the only viable choice for sustainability and growth. They must shift their mindsets away from the execution-led plan A (Action) and the risk-management-minded plan B (Backup) to a new plan C (Culture), driven by high performance, values and innovation. Plan C: Building and Sustaining a High-Performance Culture by Design in the Hybrid World offers an insightful, pragmatic guide for building and sustaining a high performance culture. It encourages leaders to challenge various paradoxes and paradigms of the high-tech hybrid world and implement a high-touch cultural leadership led by a new CEO - a culture of excellence in organisations.

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