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Her Day in His Life

Author | Himika Ganguly Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789386305626 Pages | 232

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About the Book:

Europe loves this man more than the food he cooks. And while he loves people, conversations and flavors, this hot chef craves for company that will not put him on a pedestal, but treat him as one of the many & help him reconnect with himself one more time. With these thoughts in mind on the banks of a river in one of the holiest cities in India, Kabir Singh meets Ariya Bose, the girl next door. A chance encounter with the girl who leaves a lasting impact, there on begins a series of conversations, a trip to numinous land of Bhutan and finally a plan to explore the different flavors of the melting pot of India - Mumbai. But this journey is not simple. Because while on one hand Ariya is beginning to feel a certain pull that she cannot resist and Kabir is carefully veiling his true feelings for her, the other side of the road has past loves claiming place in the present, a murder trial that involves a best friend and finally an old enemy who is revisiting with vengeance set to action by a crime he did not actually commit. This successful and gorgeous celebrity chef's life is not without mysteries; at the center of which rests a prophecy that will not permit him one of man's most basic desire - to love a woman. And while Ariya is ready to move mountains and journey across the most difficult terrains to seal her destiny with Kabir forever, she must first unravel the secret that awaits her arrival in Paris.

About the Author:

Himika Ganguly is a marketing and communications professional who has done extensive work in the fields of brand building, content writing, events management, social media management and public relations for organizations that are leaders in their respective sectors. She is currently working with one of the most eminent trade bodies of the country. However, writing is her most important forte, thanks to her upbringing that helped inculcate the love of reading and a prior stint with a broadcasting channel where she was an integral part of the creative team. Her Day in His Life is Himika’s second novel and the first love story that she has penned. Her first novel is The Great Indian Matrimonial Tamasha and she is currently finishing two more novels and is gearing to put them up for public viewing soon.ting your product description

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