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Health's Up : Achieve and Attain Optimal Wellness

Author | Tanay Kothari Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789394603684 Pages | 184


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About the Book:

Health’s Up is a compilation of understandings formatted in a way to help the user understand how to achieve and sustain optimal health. There are several exercises, tricks and tables to help you make choices that you might have been overlooking. Like, you should not be grocery shopping when you are hungry or that fat loss is different than weight loss?

This book is not a time influenced – get slim quick fad. This book is filled with guidelines and recommendations that are not bound by structure because the adoption of a healthy lifestyle needs to be customized to each individual.

About the Author:

Tanay Kothari is a Pilot, Diver, Wildlife and Environment Researcher, Paraglider, and a Nutrition and Wellness Advisor. He has been raised in a very health conscious family and thus strongly believes in long term sustainable health, not just shedding weight via short term “diets”.

He has chosen to delve deeper into topics like Child Nutrition, Pregnancy Nutrition, Nordic Diets, Biology of Cancer, Chronic Infections, and Obesity by doing several courses from renowned institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, LMU, NHI, University of Copenhagen, University of Edinburgh and Stanford.

He practiced as a nutrition advisor in a clinic and served many other private clients only to realize that most people lack a basic understanding of their health goals. He has since been on a mission to amalgamate all his understandings into his first book – Health’s up. 

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