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Growing Through Phases

Author | Prajakta Bhatkhande Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789394603486 Pages | 124

About the Book:

Growing through Phases is a collection of 35 poems, on Life, Philosophy and Spirituality, it reflects my journey of revelation and self-contemplation as I went through diverge phases of life, especially, while passing through the dark places where all my knowledge of navigation failed, and I had to look within for a sense of direction that could lead me to light.

I believe, life's venture is like going through the Lunar phases, from new moon to full moon, and back, the waxing and waning crescents, but all this while, it’s true existence is untouched, undisturbed. There is never a starting point nor an ending juncture, just ceaseless transformations between the darkness and the light.

The first section of this book elaborates my life’s learning as I sailed through the storm, trying to stay afloat while I sought answers to questions relating to the nature of our egoic survival, purpose of our miseries, the pain it caused. On plunging deeper, I learned to surrender to the fierce waves but follow my resolution to dive deep towards the core, and when that happens, all questions will dissolve. My attempt to embark on this divine path is mirrored in the second section.

This book is a humble attempt to share my voyage so far, stringed into words with a hint of rhyme. It is an endeavour of a commoner to understand life and express gratitude for God’s grace as I go and grow through phases, only to recognize the undying and perpetual nature of my true being.

“God does not give me everything that I want, But HE gives me everything that will align ME with my SOUL”

About the Author:

Prajakta lives around Seattle, WA, and loves to spend time with her lovely daughters. While in India, she was a Chemistry lecturer, and pursued MS in Medicinal Chemistry after coming to USA.

She started writing poetry while she was pregnant with her second daughter, it started as a curiosity, then an outlet for her emotions and finally reformed into a passion.

She mainly writes to express her thoughts and conveys a message within each of her poems in a hope to contribute her bit to inspire others who can relate to her story. For her, poetry is the alchemy which can turn words into gold!

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