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Green Rose - Wild Earth

Author | Prateeti Sengupta Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9788119445233 Pages | 172

About the Book:

Life is like the midday sun blazing down on vast stretches of flaming desert sands. A poet is one who can look upon it with an unflinching gaze, at the risk of having his/her eyes burnt out. Feeling vividly, and seeing clearly, all the operations of the universe, the bitter pain and intense pleasure, the dark fears, and effervescent joys of fellow humans, and immortalising them in a language close to the human heart is the aim of this debut offering.

Each poem here is the result of the poet's forays into the human experience, an adventure fraught with danger, and therefore even more relevant to the reader. They are all about life and death, and why love transcends both.

About the Author:

Back in 1993, Prateeti Sengupta, an English Literature major, took up the Information Technology challenge with no engineering degree, and won. Exceptionally innovative, tirelessly pushing boundaries, she became a skilled RDBMS expert, specializing in SAP Sybase technologies.

But deep inside, the star student of Calcutta Girls' High School knew she would come back to her first love – the creative arts. Her poems, stories, and sketches, composed over the years, were published on StoryMirro (https://storymirror.com) since 2019. Loving both literature and technology, one of her idols is Augusta Ada King, daughter of Lord Byron, and presumably the first woman computer programmer.

Her intellectual acuity sharpened by technical skills, Prateeti probes the depth and complexity of the world around her, combining a gem-like clarity with profound compassion.

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