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Golden Era of Men's Tennis: The Beginning 2001-2010 | Rallying Greatness: Icons, Rivalries, and the Golden Decade of Men's Tennis

Author | Amit Jadhav Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9788119445547 Pages | 242

About the Book:

This book is a tribute to the game of Tennis and the incredible journey of some of the extraordinary athletes who graced the court during the first decade of new millennium, that embarked the Golden Era in Men's Tennis. It delves into the lives of these tennis icons, exploring their upbringing, their struggles, and the pivotal moments that shaped their careers.

This book is not just about the Big Three but also the countless individuals who have contributed to the rich history of Tennis. It tells the extraordinary stories, the fierce rivalries, and moments of sheer brilliance that transpired on the biggest stages of the sport. It is an honest attempt to share the magical experience of living in arguably the greatest era of Men's Tennis.

About the Author:

Amit Jadhav, based in the vibrant city of Mumbai in India, is the author of “Golden Era of Men's Tennis: The Beginning 2001-2010”. He is an avid sports enthusiast, with special love towards the game of Tennis. He has been following Tennis as an ardent viewer since his teenage years. He has witnessed different eras in men's tennis through the eyes of a fan of this game.

Amit has closely followed the major events in Tennis, particularly grand slam tournaments over the years and intimately observed complete careers of different professional players, keeping note of how different sporting events shaped the careers of these prominent stars in this greatest era of men's tennis. The beginning of the new millennium brought so many special moments in the history of this sport that inspired him and millions of fans of this beautiful game around the globe.

Apart from his passion for following various sports, he also takes keen interest in the world of music and movies. He grew up in a humble background and became a successful professional working at renowned MNCs in leadership positions. Academically, he has completed a BE in Computer Science from Mumbai University and also holds an MBA in Business Management from NMIMS.


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