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From Caterpillar to Butterfly


Ritu Gulabani
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About the Book:

The book aims at inspiring small lives and securing happiness through its real inspiring stories.

Read “how faith of a parent can shape the life of a child; how much dogs love their masters and family they live with; how a teacher can transform life; how will power can carve destiny; how beautiful and kind some people are both inside out; some amazing synchronicities that builds faith; how a husband-wife turn into friends-for-life; why we must listen to our mother; how the writer attracted innumerable miracles and Good Samaritans in her life; how children recreate your childhood; how the author worked on her curvy body and gained back the confidence; how you unconsciously follow your parents; some revelations of a blended family; a story of a princess and her uncertain life ; about a house in the lap of nature; how a nurse cheerfully create happiness; how some people relish acts of kindness”.

About the Author:

Ritu A Gulabani, who considers herself a messenger of happiness and positive thinking, has secured her degrees in Geography, Maths and Physics. Studying variety of subjects, she earned her UGC-NET Lectureship certificate in ‘Rural Development’ and ‘Urban and Regional Planning’. To experience the corporate world, she joined Banking Industry and worked for about ten years in Multinational Banks. Her thirst for knowledge did not stop here. Motherhood reintroduced her into the world of books and travel. Soon, she was a motivational coach and a Writer. A voluntary editor with a local magazine in Noida, her fiction and non-fiction works have been published at many platforms. A mother of two young boys, when she is not busy with her kids, kitchen or daily chores, she is writing, reading or concentrating on self-improvement which includes yoga, meditation and imbibing positive thought process.

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