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Fragrant Flowers at the Feet of My Flamboyant Flutist : Devotional Poems to Krishna

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Author | Jyoti Atul Bhatt Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 142

About the Book:

Krishna’s empyrean flute call made my emotions dance to His tunes resulting in a soulful outpouring of my heart to Him! This devotional anthology of fifty-four poems reflects my aspirations, dilemmas, struggles and experiences of my spiritual journey. Some of them express the throbbing of my heart for Krishna and some voice my distressing doubts that overwhelmed my thoughts. Some glorify His endless qualities and in some I question Him on the enigmas of life. Some deal with deeper spiritual insights and some on the philosophy of love. I share these poems publicly with the hope that these ambrosial oblations to Krishna might help to inspire spiritual seekers or bestow anyone who reads them the joy of feeling deeply connected with their own Maker, addressing Him by any name.

I wish to humbly convey to my readers the simple message of Divine Love.

About the Author:

The author, Mrs. Jyoti Atul Bhatt’s (Jaysheela Devi Dasi), life is a saga of the ubiquitous Indian woman - balancing several chores in life, swinging from her responsibilities as a homemaker in a joint family to a working woman She served as a Professor of History in Wilson College, Mumbai. Simultaneously she also enjoyed the seva of being the Director of the Indological Research Institute, Gurudev Siddhapeeth, Ganeshpuri where under the guidance of her first Guru, Swami Chidvilasanda, she progressed on her spiritual journey the seeds of which were sown in her by her parents. After marriage it was her husband Atul whose deep spiritual inclination and rich experience that encouraged and inspired her. Her two daughters, Janitri and Rudrika, who also indulged in spiritual practices with great zeal and fervor played a role in helping her on this path of salvation. In her quest for the Truth, the blessings and teachings of many saints and seers have left a deep, indelible impression on her heart. It was the philosophy and the uplifting teachings of Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada that gave her a definite direction on the path of Krishna bhakti where she has finally found repose. She took initiation from Shri Radha Govinddas Goswami Maharaj of ISKCON who helped to deepen her attraction for Krishna. She is striving to fulfil her intense desire to one day reach her desired destination of direct communion with Krishna and thereafter continue to serve Him eternally with undaunted devotion and love. She has offered her humble services to Him in the form of her first book, ‘ ‘How Krishna Came Into Their Lives’, some articles in magazines and newspapers, such as ‘ Shades of Dharma’ and ‘ Sweet Surrender’ in the Speaking Tree of the Times of India.

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