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For mind & soul combo

Author | StoryMirror Authors Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | COMBO Pages | 400

Rs. 1176

Buy the combo for Mind and Soul which will teach you the importance of growth, learning, unlearning and acceptance. If you want to change your mindset and live a healthy life, then grab this combo deal, soon!

Breathing - The Wisdom of Life

The human life is a passage, a growth towards a flowering reaching the pinnacle of the growth of human consciousness. The life is a beautiful time and space dimension of learning and growing towards Buddhahood of timeless and spaceless dimension of pure consciousness.

New York to NEW YOU: THE 31/7 ODYSSEY

Two men from opposite sides of the world are brought together by a moment of serendipity. James, an investment banker and the darling of Wall Street in New York meets a Guru, the Life Transformer in India. And there is a mysterious character, RK, who has a mysterious link with both these characters.

The Science and Art of Holistic Living

The Science and Art of Holistic Living is a comprehensive life improvement book for long disease free, stress free living. It is very appropriate to label as, ‘ShatayushiAnandYog.” Living life as per this book gives, ASSURED IMMENSE BENEFITS. It is a PROGRAMME FOR POSITIVE AND HOLISTIC CHANGE IN LIFE. Science and Art for Holistic Living is a unique and comprehensive life improvement program with immense practical value. It elaborates on all aspects of good living. It is holistic in approach and its contents. There is no other program as inclusive as this.

The Secret Law of Blessing

If you do not want to change, then drop this book. If you are happy with your unhappiness then this is not the book for you. Living hopelessly in misery is addictive and habit forming. And you may want to continue to live as a failure, having accepted defeat in your personal and professional life.

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