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Fall Of Kings


Milind Desai
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About The Book:

When the celestial king Brahma united the tribes of men and began a civilization on a continent named Mahadweep he thought he had created a utopia, a perfect race to share this world with. But centuries later men have forgotten the existence of the ancient celestial beings and have divided themselves into kingdoms inviting conflict.

Mahika, princess of Varkarata, the mightiest kingdom on Mahadweep is set to wed the prince of Parvata. But as the wedding preparations continue she finds herself drawn towards a stranger, a stranger who has come as a guest for her wedding.

Amartha the warrior king of Mahat strives to stop the alliance of Varkarata and Parvata. A treaty between them would bring dearth to his already struggling treasury and he is forced to plot an abduction to disrupt the wedding.

Meanwhile, an orphan from faraway land named Yuvan takes on a quest to solve the mystery of a brewing storm. Laden by question he moves from old dusty libraries to ancient temples for answers surrounded by the rising evil.

About Author:

Milind Desai has an established career as an investment banker with a leading international bank. His wisdom and work experience comes from various cities from around the world. The books became his most revered companions throughout the journey. Thousands of unbound possibilities from within every page of every story fascinated him from a very young age and continues to do so even today.

However, as he started exhausting his 'to read' list in Mythology/Fantasy genre, he decided to weave a new one on his own. Therefore, weekends were dedicated to let the creative side of his brain bully the analytical side as he transformed into a novelist. And why not, he followed the saying that goes, “If you can’t find the stories you want to read, write them yourself!

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