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Exit 30 - A Lockdown Production

Author | Shamik Moitra & Seema Raghunath Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 978-93-90267-61-3 Pages | 138

About The Book

Exit 30 is a fun read. Something to trigger debates between friends and surely great company for those who like some time alone, with a book of many shades.

This is a creative pursuit that penned 30 poems under 30 randomly picked subjects by both poets - Shamik & Seema.

Each poem is a short film/story capturing the essence of human existence and emotions. It is a unique 'jugalbandi' between the two writers giving distinctive twists to each subject, experimenting with the lucidity of perception, visualization and approach.

About The Authors

Shamik Moitra :

Shamik considers himself a true wanderer, who delights in the journey of life as it waxes and wanes through infinite variety the universe presents us with. An eclectic student of history, economics, pure sciences and philosophy, when he is not busy earning a living as a professional venture capital and private equity investor, Shamik engages in discussing, writing and analysing human endeavour and zeitgeist.

A British national of Indian origin, Shamik believes in synthesizing the best thoughts and influences from his Indian heritage with composite western enlightenment expressed in principles of democracy, freedom of action and market capitalism. He does not subscribe to any specific dogma or ideological position, but is probably best described in political leaning as a libertarian, free market and free will votary.

These distinctive influences inform his writing style and form. They also find expression in his poetry, a passion nurtured since early youth, but hitherto unpublished in book form. Among several poets, Shamik considers Tennyson, Rilke, Carol Ann Duffy, Tagore and Jibanananda Das his chief inspirations.

Shamik currently leads iFarm, a private enterprise at the confluence of principal capital investing and developing cutting edge human skills through emerging technology related higher education. He has travelled and worked extensively in leadership roles across Europe, Indo-Pacific and the US. He is currently also giving final touches to a non-fiction book on Public Policy with a focus on Defence Economics.

Shamik is married to Seema and this is their first poetry composition in tandem.

Seema Raghunath :

Seema is a zealous mother, a fairly decent cook and an obsessive house keeper who juggled a demanding career quite well. Her spiritual journey began a few years ago. Being a follower of Karama yoga, she values human decision & action over taught ideologies.

She loves writing and sharing which she thinks helps her make space for even more new learning. As a woman and as a leader she is known to call a spade a spade and stands fearlessly in her pursuit to encourage ethical practices & ethical people. She comes from a family of literature lovers and was greatly inspired by her grandfather who was an outstanding writer and orator.

Seema owns and runs a Technology platform that contributes to Nation Building, while being a Business enterprise. Holding a keen interest in the Working Community and being attached to Social development, Seema founded The Working Women’s Fraternity India, which is a Support Group addressing interests, challenges and concerns of all working Indians irrespective of stature, industry or gender.

She is the Author of The Corporate Jungle, which won many accolades among working professionals. The second book was I Gutching, published by StoryMirror. It dwells on the revival of Natural Intelligence to stay competent and develop Leadership skills.

Seema is married to Shamik Moitra and they live in Kolkata.


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