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Enlightening Findings of an Entrepreneur Mother : Unschooling

Author | Shraddha Pingale Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9788196414030 Pages | 184

About the Book:

"Enlightening Findings of an Entrepreneur Mother: Unschooling" is a groundbreaking book written by an author who shares her experience of unschooling her children. The author, an entrepreneur mother, has successfully embraced unschooling as a way of life and believes that it is the most effective way of educating children. Through her insightful and thought-provoking book, the author shares her journey, struggles, and triumphs in educating her children outside of the traditional school system. This book is an invaluable resource for parents who are looking for alternative educational options for their children and are interested in exploring the unschooling philosophy. It is a must-read for anyone who is curious about how unschooling can transform the way we educate our children.

This book is a must-read for parents who are searching for the true meaning of education. The author dives deep into what it means to educate oneself and challenges the current system of rote learning. She questions whether this system is meeting the requirements of life or if it is simply teaching our children how to pursue a career and earn a basic living. Through her personal experiences with unschooling, the author sheds light on how we can provide our children with a more fulfilling and enriching education that goes beyond academic grades and focuses on self-discovery, creativity, and self-directed learning to explore possibilities for life, and not just career centric education. This book is an invitation for parents to rethink their approach to education and explore alternative options that can truly prepare their children for a successful and meaningful life.

About the Author:

Shraddha Pingale, Jt. Managing Director of Econstruct Design and Build Pvt Ltd and an M.Tech graduate, is a recognized figure in business management and education. A dynamic leader, she's the driving force behind her company, persisting even in challenging situations.


Involvement in recruitment processes across India gave Shraddha unique insights into the education system. She realized that true education encompasses more than career-building—it should provide a life purpose and a balanced mix of life skills, soft skills, and hard skills. This revelation led her to un-school her son and establish The Life Engineering Foundation with her husband, Sandeep.


The Life Engineering Foundation serves as a support system for parents who value open learning but struggle with time constraints. By providing resources, guidance, and support, the foundation aids parents in customizing their child's educational journey. The foundation's mission is to encourage children to be self-motivated, self-directed, and self-governed, enabling them to choose their own learning path.


The vision of The Life Engineering Foundation is to provide a perfect blend of life skills, soft skills, and hard skills to children, promoting health, happiness, determination, personal development, and spiritual growth.

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