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Earn Spend and Grow

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Author | Behlah Chiba Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 104

About the Book:

Starting a business always includes questions and doubts such as "What to do?", "Which option to pick?" or "Is this beneficial or not?"

This book helps in clearing those doubts and offering a solution to these problems. The book does this by discussing business finance in three sections:

1.Principles for earning income

2.Financial management for spending wisely

3.Growth through leadership, knowledge, habits, mindset and good orientation.

These Principles of Business are the basic ground rules that young entrepreneurs should learn before starting any business. These principles are widely practiced by many successful people across the world. The stories of these successful people have also been discussed and they help us in understanding the purpose of business, business ethics, financial management and planning as well as budgeting.

About the Author:

Behlah is a modest, intelligent and young enthusiast, excited about pursuing a career in business.

To tread the chosen path with clarity and greater insight, he deep dives to better understand, imbibe and bridge the gap between the Islamic Principles of Business and their practical applications. He has opted to team up both by seeking answers to astute questions and linking these principles with real-life stories and experiences of successful entrepreneurs, and experts.

Being a tenth-grader in MSB Educational Institute, Kolkata, Behla, enjoys researching products, as well as upcycling to green manufacturing, post-school hours. He beckons you to join him as he embarks on this stimulating journey with an eye towards his goal, strong focus, and a practical bent of mind combined with steely determination.

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