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Distorted Voices

Author | Pia Krishnan Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789392661938 Pages | 170

About the Book:

Distorted Voices is an unsynced collection of the author’s disparate thoughts. No two pages are alike. Why should it be? Why follow patterns and strategies? Why not these unaligned thoughts be the medium to let readers know that it’s alright to unmask and be yourself amidst the constant struggle to impress and shine as bright as the horde.

This book is not exclusively dedicated to tales of love or heartbreaks or motivational quotes or thrillers or fantasies. As the author observes the world around, these thoughts linger, letting her pen it down raw and real. At times, she leaves it as it is. At times, it is what she envisions.

About the Author:

Pia Krishnan is a writer and editor. She’s currently residing in India. Home is where she is. She keeps moving from one city to another, exploring lives, which has been her ceaseless drive to write. She has written a few short stories and articles. Most of her writings focus on social issues.

Distorted Voices is her first poetry collection.

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