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Dirty Martini

Author | Kavipriya Moorthi Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789386305015 Pages | 122

₹195 ₹1

About the Book:

Life was all rainbows and daisies for old-school, demure Preethi. But an expensive mistake made her the oddball in the flashy world that she chose. Her very survival threatened, an escape from the slapped label seemed impossible. When she faced a single 'why not?' moment in her life, she found solace where she least expected. Into her life walked Raghu, like the fresh air of a dewy morning.

The elusive happiness he brought along seemed to heal. She could see a life with him, if only he would never know about her past. But fate always seemed to meddle, unravelling the secrets she had brushed under the carpet, causing a rupture in their relationship. Her relentless pursuit to live to the fullest has led her to a different road to redemption altogether, though she had to endure one big sacrifice - changing her.

With her journey fuelled by a desperate need for companionship, will she finally be at peace with her life?

Told through the voices of Preethi and Raghu, Dirty Martini dissects the judgemental and opinionated attitude of people. It is the story of a girl who levelled up into a woman surmounting everything life threw at her and metamorphosed into a new person.

About the Author: 

Kavipriya Moorthy prefers to identify herself as a foodie, wanderer, and an avid reader. A proud Chennaite. She is a movie buff, amateur baker, and blogger. 

Loves- Golden Retriever, Sathyam cinema's cold coffee and a popcorn, solitude, paneer tikka, purple color, adventure sports, chocolates, Besant nagar beach, actor Surya, Minions, Pandas, Hugo Boss, Puma Shoes, iPhone, and the magical 05:30 AM drive at the Marina Beach. 

Addicted to- her mom's tea, buying books, Facebook, Selfies.

Trying desperately to - learn more, write better and travel across the world.


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