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दीदार-ए-दिल (Didaar-e-dil)


Kiren Babal
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About the Book:

Life is scattered all over the pages of life. The life has taken various forms and found itself in many colors but every color doesn't look good on it. Some become yours forever, some are borrowed from others. This tyranny of lives continues forever and for as long as one can endure this pain called life. Life is a story sometimes and we become the characters playing ourselves in this endless drama. Whatever be the result the life may promise, there's always a catch to it. Life, so, is a glitch which you may stumble upon and realize that you were not living it the way it should be lived.

Sometimes life gets stuck like an engine. There's no sound and neither is there any sign of a smoke telling that the engine is still on. We wait and wait and wait for as long as it takes to mend itself and revive again.

This book by Kiren Babal is a very beautiful and equally great effort to portray the complications and strategies we deploy to face this enigma of life. Read on, the chances are that you'll find a similar face here and there just to remind you that life, goes on.

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