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Dev's Letters to His Teachers : A Kid with an Attitude of Gratitude

Author | Charul Vikamsey Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789395374323 Pages | 58

About the Book:

All kids missed their schools during the lockdown, didn't they? So, did Dev.

Dev, a 9-year-old, is excited about going back to offline school after a 3-year long lockdown. He decides to write individual gratitude letterto his teachers of multiple subjects letting them know how much he owes them.

To his Math teacher, where he's thankful for all the practice done in class; at the same time to his Science teacher, he is thankful for enriching him with knowledge about nature, animals, plants, etc. His conversation with his English, Art, and Hindi teachers also involves him describing his learning experience, and highlights supreme qualities of his teachers - patience, perseverance, motivation, love, and respect.

This book aims to motivate people to express gratitude towards teachers openly and realize their importance in learning and enduring life skills.

About the Author:

Charul Vikamsey, with a Masters Degree in Clinical Research, always had a bent towards teaching as a profession which she rightly took at several stages in her life.

She is deeply spiritual and believes in ethics, love, and karma. Along with shouldering family responsibilities, she also follows self-grooming activities involving both physical and mental well-being which according to her are particularly important to live a happy and healthy life.

She loves reading books and is passionate about writing and teaching. She believes gratitude and kindness are wonderful values that she tries to carry in all stages of her life.

Instagram: charulvikamsey

Facebook: Charul Vikamsey

Email id: jain.charul.k@gmail.com

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