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Combo to change your life | set of 3 books

Author | StoryMirror Authors Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | Combo Pages | 639


In this self-guidebook the author shows us how to stop living life on default settings and actually customize it.

If you feel like you have stopped dead in your tracks, then this book will help you revisit your attitude towards life and relook at some life lessons taught or perhaps never taught in a new perspective.

The book challenges you to wake up and discover your true self, take life with a pinch of salt, channel your competitive spirit and fears, create mindful relationships, laugh more and explore many more simple facets of life taken for granted.

It is said that life is a literal reflection of the choices one makes.

REBOOT LIFE will push you to take control of your life and make choices to live your life wholeheartedly. 

Simplify Your Life

Do you want to be more happy in life? There are so many books and workshops available to make more money, but making more money hardly buys you more happiness. Our happiness is 50% Genetic, 10% Environment and 40% Behavior and Mindset. How many of us spend most of our time in making the environment right, which just accounts to 10% more happiness. Why can we not think of focusing on behavior and mindset instead?

This book focuses on making those behavioral and mindset changes in your life, which will give you 40% more happiness. It will help you with feeling elevation (in short happiness) strategies at your work, home, professionally, socially and is for entrepreneurs, professionals and parents.

Happiness is a GIFT. So go ahead and give it to maximum people. Make your life simple and elevate yourself through feeling better than before.

Breathing - The Wisdom of Life

The human life is a passage, a growth towards a flowering reaching the pinnacle of the growth of human consciousness. The life is a beautiful time and space dimension of learning and growing towards Buddhahood of timeless and spaceless dimension of pure consciousness. The life is not an arrival, not a destination in itself, rather a milestone with an arrow-mark to march ahead amidst intrinsic passivity of non-desiring, non-identifying and non-perpetuating of life’s unconscious habit and instinct pattern of robotic nature. Hence the passage of life has got to be enshrined with pains and sorrows, turmoil and torment, agonies and anxieties, hate and fear, diseases and ailments of the body-mind in a thousand and one ways of manifestation.

The synoptic expression of the book is carved out of a wider genesis of the breathing as a way of growing human wisdom and bliss, health and harmony, creativity and beauty as a metamorphosis of therapeutic balancing of body, mind and soul. It looks forward seeking a healthy humanity enthralled with a lightening of inner being, wisdom and beauty, aesthetics and altruism, festivity and celebration of life on this planet earth thriving better human souls of the forgotten paradise.

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