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Combo of two poetry collection that are truly magical : What Goes into a Butterfly + The Sun Through My Wine Glass

Author | StoryMirror Authors Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | COMBO Pages | 300

Poetry is a form of expression. Writing it lets us get out our feelings and thoughts on a subject while reading it encourages us to connect and find meaning in our experiences. 

Buy Combo of two poetry collections that are truly magical : What Goes into a Butterfly + The Sun Through My Wine Glass and enjoy it with a cup of coffee.

What Goes Into A Butterfly - Take long walks with an everyman, exploring the simple joys and sorrows of his Every Day. On the way, you will meet trees, birds, spiders and come across familiar places and people. Discover the hidden beauty and secrets of the world around. You may notice things that you never did before. You may question what you thought and saw before. And at the end, understand that there is a poem within every one of us.

This is a collection of 125 poems, long and short, grouped in to 8 engrossing sections: Quiet Roads and Hidden Nooks, In Every Little Drop, On Long Walks, Birds in their Sky, Lost and Found, Everyday, Folly and A Window Within.

The Sun Through My Wine Glass is a collection of sixty poems. The poems speak about optimism. The poet feels beauty and goodness overshadows ugliness and wickedness. When you see a colourful Kingfisher through a barbed wire, the harshness of the wire is no longer there. So enjoy poems of nature, beauty and love.

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