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Combo of Two New Age Leadership books : I Gutching + Are You The Leader You Want To Be

Author | StoryMirror Authors Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | COMBO Pages | 300

Leadership plays an important role in the development of any organization. No organization can work efficiently without effective leadership. Leadership is an important function of management which helps to enhance productivity and to achieve organizational goals.

Buy Combo of Two New Age Leadership books : I Gutching + Are You The Leader You Want To Be and be the next leader!

I Gutching is a book meant for EVERY working professional and student who aspires a zestful career.

The material here is especially of value to Business Leaders, Managers, Human Resource specialists, Trainers and those in the teaching field. This book will compel you to start valuing Natural Intelligence and look beyond Corporate Casteism. It will teach you how to look for Natural avenues for self-growth. Observation skills is the pivot of career success. You will create fair playgrounds for everyone and be able to transform self, teams, departments, organization and policies - making you someone who upholds a thriving environment where ALL flourish.

The book is written in a style that delivers Key Concepts first and then follows it up with 7 stories to test YOUR observation skills. How Open is your 3rd eye. Are you Gutching?

Are You The Leader You Want To Be - In today’s ever-changing, fast-paced work environment, disengagement and lack of alignment of leaders & teams creates chaos. It directly affects business, productivity and morale of people involved. When leaders move up the chain and find themselves in senior leadership roles where they start defining the strategy rather than executing a pre-defined strategy, more often than not, they feel lost. They struggle to motivate teams, create synergies & cohesion required to achieve organization’s vision. This book combines various principles, studies, practices to present a path-breaking, ‘No Fluff’ 5-part framework called HUMAN which makes ‘the invisible’- visible. The book will provide readers with a step by step way to engage and lead teams in the most productive and effective way.

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