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Combo of Best Fiction Books in Gujarati

Author | StoryMirror Authors Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | COMBO Pages | 500

Deep, warm and relatable - the set of stories that you get to read under the Combo of Best Fiction Books in Gujarati acts like a cool breeze on a humid afternoon. The authors are inspired to write from day-to-day life experiences, situations and observations.

સેકન્ડ ચાન્સ (Second Chance)

'Second Chance' is a collection of six short stories. Whether relationships should be ended or not? Dreams, Wishes, expectations are the major questions and because of these questions relations of love should be carried on or not, that is the dilemma.

વાર્તાલ્પ (Vartalap)

"Vartalap" is a collection of 30 short stories that are thought provoking and provide good lessons & learnings. Almost all the stories have been inspired by real day-to-day life experiences, situations and observations, however, written with fictional characters.

વાત એક સ્ત્રીની (Vaat Ek Strini)

At the age of 51 he started writing short stories.His first book is full of woman and family problems with human sensibility.

તિલક ચંદન (Tilak Chandan)

The book Tilak - Chandan is an adventure story right from the word go. Two main characters Tilak and Chandan set out in search of a big treasure. In their journey to the treasure, they come across many hardships and hurdles. How they face everything and how they fulfill their dreams is what this book is all about. It makes an interesting and absorbing reading. The readers will finish the story in one sitting for sure.

સંબંધ સરનામા વિનાના (Sambandh Sarnama Vina Na)

The author has distinguished style of writing and has presented the difficulties of train travelling and complexities of illness making the read interesting.

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