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Combo of 6 Charming & Entertaining Romance Fiction Novels

StoryMirror Authors
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 1524

Fabulous, Delightful, and Sweet - this Combo of 6 Charming & Entertaining Romance Fiction Novels revolves around falling in love again, love at first sight, unrealised love, self love, friendship in love and loneliness gifted by love.

Love at Second Sight

Three women, three men and a couple of seemingly old fogeys, fall in love at first sight. But wait, are they sure of their love? They wouldn't know, would they, until they find Mr or Ms. Right and fall in love, all over again?

A Sip of Love & A Sip of Coffee

How many years did you have to wait to find true love? Avanthika, a love-one-guy-all-through-life kind of girl, didn't have to wait too long. She met Gautham right at the age of ten and fell in love with him at the first sight itself.

Love Buddy

Kabir and Kashish have been the best of buddies ever since. Everyone saw them to be head over heels with each other, but they were not! Years later they meet only to have Kabir realise that he is in love with Kashish.

The Quest of Heart

Every human being who sets sail in the ship of reality and dreams sways constantly in the endeavour to cross the sea of life. Sometimes they move towards their destinations and sometimes away from it. Rahul, struggling between losing and gaining, finds himself lost in the search of love. In search of love, he goes away from himself.

With you without You

With You : Without You is a love-triangle that differentiates between friendship in love and love in friendship. It depicts two love stories tangled in each other. With confusion and complications all around, the book beautifully elucidates the chaos that life and the love that results because of all this confusion and complications.

Headache in the Heart

Get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride as you read this novel about love, loneliness, emotions and upheavals.

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