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Combo of 5 wondrous story books for children

Author | StoryMirror Authors Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | COMBO Pages | 500

From wacky humour, mischief, and fun to emotional, deep and life-changing -these tales from various authors specially written for children makes this Combo of 5 wondrous story books for children - a must buy!

Wickety Whack

Full of whacky humour, mischief, fun and learning, the book revolves around a bunch of school children. Each character has a distinct quality, which is revealed in the word play with names. The book has six short stories, and its target audience is children in the age group of 5-7 years.

Kartik and Mixie

Kartik and Mixie is a book about journey of creation. This book consists of stories of Kartik, a ten year old boy and Mixie, a walking talking robot. It is a compilation of interesting stories which are inspired from day to day incidents.

One Crow Flies Like An Eagle

“One Crow Flies Like An Eagle” is the story of an unfortunate baby crow. A cuckoo laid an egg inside his nest when his parents were gone. The inevitable happened – upon hatching, the baby cuckoo pushed him out of the nest. However, the little crow is lucky not to succumb to the dangers of the jungle.

Genius Kids on a Mission

What happens when parents keep a secret from you or when they forbid you to do something you love? This is what has happened with Tanish and Potlu. They know their parents are hiding a secret from them, they know their parents forbid them to do certain things...but why? These little genius kids are on a mission to find out just that.

A Cappella Boy

Sameer, a young boy of ten years, is not like all other normal children. He will never be able to read and write. His speech is slurred and incoherent. His mother has given up trying to get Sameer educated. But a young girl of his age, Dipti, enters his life.

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