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Colourful Auras

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Author | Amatullah Hamid Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 50

About the Book:

Every one of us has a plethora of colours adorning our souls, some very bright others very dull. This book is a celebration of all the emotions cohering our lives from the felicity of birth to the grief of decease.

This book is the author's devoted effort towards embellishing the art of emotions in the evocative art of poetry. The auras that wreathe us can never always be bright, but the subtle ones speak their own voice. This book is a compilation of everything we as humans feel, everything we radiate and everything affecting those. This book is an anthology of our colourful auras.

About the Author:

Poetry, as Amatullah would like to define it, is a mystic flow of emotions that otherwise cannot be conveyed in simple words. Amatullah is an avid reader, artist and aesthete. Having an affinity and a unique affection for the art of finding verses in the mundane she has decided to write this anthology of poems.

Amatullah currently resides in Indore, India, and as a student has been exposed to many opportunities in the field of literature, art, extempore and much more. This has motivated the young poet within her to present this collection of emotions before you.

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